24 de February de 2015

Making Of – Nightly Walk

A few more videos are already at our Youtube channel, but we decided to choose one of them to show another Making Of. This time we chose an image that was part of a super funny campaign for Zoo São Paulo.

To promote the visit known as Nightly Walk, offered by Zoo São Paulo since 2003, where the visitors may watch and get to know better the nocturnal habits of many species, the agency DM9 created this campaign that showed unexpected nocturnal habits of some animals.

To produce these images we used many images from image banks to compose the scenarios and the animals. Since most of the images that fit the scenes were from daytime, we had to grow them dark to be shown at nighttime, in addition to ambient the whole light to the light source proposed for the campaign, a flashlight spot. To the most absurd elements, such as the alligator’s denture, the Lion’s hair curlers and facial mask and the Zebra’s pajamas, were produced as CGI and 2D illustrations.

In the end, we worked with post production to integrate and harmonize every element, playing with the different planes in a nocturnal environment and improving depth, light, shadows and colour.

The results you may check in the video and in our portfólio.

The campaign was aired in april 2012 and submitted to the same year’s Cannes Lions edition.