24 de February de 2015

Making Of – Olympic Spirit

One of the things we find really interesting working with images is to be able to see from where we started, since it’s creation, to where we got in it’s final result. It is obvious that during the job we have in mind the final result we want to achieve, always with the best quality, but sometimes the path taken surprises and amuses even ourselves.

In this series of posts we will tell a bit about the story and show the process of some of our work, what happens in the projects since it’s conception, through the stages of execution until it’s completion. We hope that, just as we here at the studio, you too have a taste of how amazing and entertaining this experience may be.

On this first post we will debut with a video showing the process we used on the creation of one in three images of the 2012 Olympics and the Olympic Spirit campaign forESPN. With the title “On other channels, you see victories. On ESPN, you see history.”, the images portray a great road traveled by an athlete merging to a sport. The challenge was to create to each sport, using photography, illustration and cgi techniques, a wide scenario composed by valleys and mountains and a long road that ran through all this path and disappeared in the background. On the foreground, we created the fusion of the sport’s characteristic floor, or swimming pool in the swimming’s case, with the road. We then apply the athlete and post produced everything with the right lights and colors settings and elements creation that gave more veracity and adjust everything to the campaign’s visual identity idealized by the art director. In the end we apply the shredded papers in different depths and lens blur to bring more detail and enrich the whole visual.

The result, you may check in the video:

The agency responsible for the campaign was Neogama BBH and the job was aired on july 2012.