24 de February de 2015

Praia do Futuro

Featured all around the world since it represented the brazilian cinema running for the Golden Bear in the 64º Berlin festival, the movie Praia do Futuro, by Karim Aïnouz and starring Wagner Moura, Clemens Schick and Jesuíta Barbosa, was a great success early this year. A sensitive and sublime drama filmed in Brazil and Germany, that tells the story of Donato, a lifeguard that, when attending to a drowning rescue, saves the life of the german biker Konrad, but not his friend who was with him, which brings them closer and makes Donato decide to leave his brother Ayrton and his old life behind to search for a new one in Berlin.

The story, divided into three chapters, tells about Donato’s relationships with Konrad, Ayrton, who always saw him as a hero, and with himself when pursuing to deconstruct and construct himself again in a place so strange from his homeland. All of this search is beautifully represented in the movie’s atmosphere, photography, dialogues and soundtrack.


We at Leão Branco had the privilege of making part of this history when we had the pleasure of being invited by the guys from the production team, Coração da Selva, to produce the art for the movie posters. Telling a bit about the story with elements on the background and inspired by the pop and poetic analogy that set the tone of the characters (Donato is called Aquaman, Ayrton is Speedracer and Konrad, Ghost Rider), we could work the composition and aesthetics to translate all of this universe. You may check the posters in this post.

Praia do Futuro starred on every movie theater in May and it is certainly worth watching and be touched by it. You may also access the movie’s Facebook page.